Graphic and web design portfolio

Community Links Scotland employs an experienced graphic designer who is responsible for production of a number of promotional materials, not just for CLS but for our clients too. Click on the links on the left to see some examples of our work.

We have worked with a number of housing associations and community groups helping them create eye catching campaigns that convey information in a clear and professional manner.

What we can do for you

» we will design a layout to your specifications, no matter how small or big

» we will be in touch during the designing process so that you can see exactly how your newsletter is going to look

» you'll get a chance to make changes if required

» we will proofread your document

» we can arrange printing and distribution to addresses you supply us with

We can help you with your project from developing your idea to implementing final marketing campaign. Our marketing team and graphic designer can chat with you about your needs, help you find the best solution and offer a large number of marketing services, from designing leaflets and newsletters, copywriting and proofreading, to setting up websites and social media profiles and providing training and campaign monitoring and review.

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We can produce leafets of all sizes for all kinds of needs - from promoting an event to information flyers.

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Eye-catching promotional material is essential when trying to reach as many people as possible. We have worked with various community groups on creating posters advertising their events and engaging with their target audience.

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Whether you need a simple 2 page newsletter or a glossy magazine, we can help. Our graphic designer has produced newsletters and other publications for many housing associations, community groups and other organisations and can work with you to create an eye-catching and attractive publication, no matter what the size and requirements.

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Other publication

Our graphic design services include creating of a wide range of various publications: information boards, survey forms, promotional brochures, annual reports, conference programmes, presentations, exhibition stands and banners, tenant handbooks and many more.

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It's important that a community group has a website which can be used to keep everybody informed about their activities and events. We can help you create a user-friendly website and provide training on how to update it yourself. We can also provide other digital solutions, including social media, website maintenance and online presentations.


Structure - someone needs to think about the structure and navigation, making it intuitive and user-friendly

Design - colours, fonts, graphics that reflect your brand (usually in your corporate colours, or whatever suits your organisation)

Layout - your website will (probably) need headers, footers, sidebar, various boxes, icons or buttons. These items need to be thoughtfully laid out on a page, with appropriate hierarchy

Content - your copy needs to be organised, spell-checked and proofread

Photos - even if you provide all the images for your website, they will need to be optimised, cut down to size and even retouched. If you don't provide any, stock images might have to be sourced, bought and edited to fit your website.

Functionality - will you need a contact form? A blog? A calendar or even a booking system?

Compatibilty - there are many different browsers, including mobile and tablet ones, and your website will need to display properly and work in all of them. You should also consider responsive design - a layout that changes depending on where it's viewed, i.e. widescreen desktop computer or small mobile phone.

Launch and testing - you website will need to be set up on a hosting server and we will make sure it works in real life, that your contact form send messages, that you can log in to the content management system, that your users can navigate through the website easily. We can also set up an analytics tool that will tell you how many people visit your website and what theyr'e looking at


Training - we can teach you how to use the content management system, how to edit your text, add or change images, etc.

Maintenance - we can keep your website updated for you; your website can sometimes break so we will keep an eye on it and fix it if necessary.

E-newsletter - would you like to keep your tenants or community members informed about your project? Why not send them an e-newsletter, a newsletter that can be emailed out to your contacts whenever you need without any distribution costs! We can design a customised email template, using your logo and corporate colours, or help you set up an automatic marketing campaign.

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Case Studies

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