Community Links Scotland


Our Ethos

The ethos underlying our work is to identify and build on the existing strengths within a community; we believe in working on behalf of clients in a trusting manner whilst helping them to identify the ways in which they can increase and/or begin their involvement in the management, control and enhancement of local services, activities and facilities.

Our Services

Community Links Scotland provides a wide range of community regeneration services working in both urban and rural areas across Scotland. We have developed many long standing relationships with clients and try to ensure that at all times our service recognises their aspirations and is tailored to meet their specific requirements. The services we provide include:
• Community engagement using a combination of questionnaires, street based events, online surveys and audience participation techniques.
• Statistical and policy analysis in order to identify need and confirm policy support.
• Business plans for community asset transfers and ongoing community business development.
• Feasibility studies and options assessments.
• Strategy development and community action planning.
• Ongoing support for project development during project aspiration stage.
• Ongoing support with project management during project implementation stage.
• Funding procurement - 2013 – 2018: £27,271,632 towards the capital and revenue costs of a range of projects both urban and rural.
• Training for volunteers, committee members and staff.
• Workshop and event facilitation.
• Landscape services support from our 2 in-house chartered Landscape Architects


Each client is allocated a CLS Project Manager/Director who has overall responsibility for the management and delivery of the project. Project Managers liaise with clients to identify, prioritise and update the regeneration aims on a regular basis and agree the programme of development and implementation accordingly.


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