Community Links Scotland

2007 - 2012

Watchmeal Crescent in Faifley is a testament to the fact that CLS don’t give up… if the funding isn’t there when we start a project, we will keep looking until we can make it a success. In 2007, CLS were asked by Knowes Housing Association (KHA) to develop proposals to improve an unloved, bland and antisocial communal space in a residential area of mixed tenure.

In close consultation with a Project Steering Group we worked through options towards a final design layout which reflected the local desire for social spaces and play areas without compromising the functional requirements of the space. Capital works were estimated at £350,000 and finally, in 2011 we successfully secured £345,000 in funding from The Big Lottery’s Community Spaces Fund and The Scottish Government’s People & Communities Fund for a highly successful project which used art as a tool to engage the local community, made training and employability integral to implementation and transformed the space into a well-used, vitalised community resource.