Hillhead Tenancy Support

Hillhead Tenancy Support worker

The Housing Management teams of both Hillhead Housing Association 2000 (HHA 2000) and Antonine Housing Association (AHA) recognised they had a number of tenants struggling to manage their tenancies and be at risk of tenancy failure. Tenants were presenting issues that were beyond the skills, experience and remit of housing officers to deal with.

Both Associations carried out an assessment of all current tenants and identified over 50 high priority tenants that are in greatest need of additional support, with a range of mental health, learning difficulties and behavioural conditions identified.

CLS staff worked with both RSLs to identify working examples from elsewhere, identifying and accessing funding, identifying potential service providers and assisting with shortlisting and interviews. A staff member from the Mungo Foundation is now in place to work with both RSLs on a full time basis.