Muirhouse Housing Association Consultation

Muirhouse Housing Association (MHA) are dedicated to working in partnership with the local community and The City of Edinburgh Council to regenerate the neighbourhood of Muirhouse. This regeneration includes not only an improvement to housing in the area but also development of local services, activities and facilities.

To assist in developing local services and facilities MHA engaged us to carry out a community consultation and options study on service and facility needs for the Muirhouse community.

Using door to door delivery a 5-page colour questionnaire with accompanying reply paid envelope was distributed to every household in Muirhouse in April 2010. Residents were given the opportunity to either complete the questionnaire and return it in the reply paid envelope or drop it back to local facilities. To increase the response rate a cash prize draw was offered to participants and two weeks of face-to-face follow up in April and May took place in the Muirhouse area to encourage replies. Staff completing the face-to-face follow up all carried CLS identification with them and a letter from MHA explaining their role.

A total of 253 questionnaires were completed giving an approximate response rate of 22%. The biggest issue to emerge with current provision of services/activities was the lack of information regarding what was on offer and a lack of suitable activities. This was also reflected in the fact that many of the respondents accessed services and activities out with the Muirhouse area but would prefer to have these available within Muirhouse.