Oban Youth & Community Association


The aim of the options study business plan was to provide up to date premises for Oban Youth & Community Association dedicated to the young people of Oban and surrounding communities.

As per the terms of the brief, an extensive consultation exercise was carried out to determine the range of demands that may be placed on a new facility.

Consultation methods carried out included:

General Public in Oban
• 755 postal surveys to a random 10% of the Oban Electoral Roll
• 200 daytime face to face interviews outside Oban Co-op and in town centre
• 13 evening interviews with disengaged young people
• 45 on-line web site surveys hosted on local websites
• 657 face to face surveys of Oban High School pupils

Community Voluntary Groups in Oban
• 77 postal surveys sent out to community groups
• 8 face to face meetings held with community groups

Service Providers
• 80 postal surveys sent out to groups and agencies
• 13 face to face meetings held with groups and agencies