Faifley Sense of Place

Sense of Place community consultation

The Sense of Place project was initiated by local residents in Faifley in Clydebank who felt that there was no defining entrance to the estate, resulting in a lack of ownership for those living in the area. In developing the project, the partnership aimed to involve people of all ages and backgrounds to increase their understanding and awareness of their local heritage and to create a pair of truly unique entrance features for Faifley. The underlying ethos of this project was about fostering a sense of neighbourliness - looking at the relationships between the young people and the wider community. For this type of project to be successful, this needed to be considered at the outset, as perceptions and needs vary between the generations.

The project addressed ways to ensure the involvement of the community at all levels and it was this process of involvement, more than the final sculptures themselves, that attracted the funding. Scottish Government Wider Role Fund, Knowes HA, Faifley HA, West Dunbartonshire Community Planning Department, West Dunbartonshire Council, Foundation for Sports and Arts and Forward Scotland all contributed to the Sense of Place process.