Twilight Basketball

The Twilight Basketball Programme was delivered in Renfrewshire over a four year period from 2007 to 2011 by Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) on behalf of the Federation of Local Associations in Renfrewshire (FLAIR). In later years SSF were assisted in the programme delivery by Streetlinks.

The programme was developed to offer young people a positive alternative to anti-social behaviour, to increase their self-esteem and ambition and to highlight opportunities for young people in Renfrewshire. To stimulate behavioural and attitudinal change in young people this initiative provided a combination of recreational and learning opportunities, which encouraged good citizenship and a positive outlook on life. A safe and encouraging environment was made available to young people at times when they may be vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and a platform was established to break down existing territorial divides which can lead to isolation and violence. The initiative targeted and engaged with the most at risk young people both where and when they were most at risk in areas highlighted as suffering from acute anti-social behaviour. Positive and healthy alternatives were offered through sport as well as educational messages and pathways to other opportunities. SSF also utilised professional athletes as aspirational and inspirational role models (a technique evaluated as successful by the Scottish Council for Research in Education) to tackle issues of self esteem, motivation, respect and good citizenship.

CLS assisted FLAIR to secure funding from a variety of sources over the four year programme including Scottish Government Wider role Fund, Safer Renfrewshire Partnership, Big lottery Awards for All, and BBC Children in Need.