Cadder Community Centre

CLS were appointed by Cadder Housing Association in May 2011 to complete a business plan on Cadder Community Centre. As part of this brief we worked with Cadder Community Centre Management Group who were working with the association to operate the building on a day to day basis.

Cadder is located in the north-west of Glasgow, about 4 miles away from the centre of Glasgow and at the very edge of the Glasgow City Council boundary. The Cadder area has a population of approximately 2,500 people and is centred around Skirsa Street which runs from Balmore Road to the railway line. Cadder Community Centre consists of two adjacent buildings built in the 1960s, a separate community centre and sports hall. Together these provide a number of facilities to the local community including a sports hall, meeting rooms/space, small offices and a separate games hall.

Cadder Community Centre was owned and managed by Glasgow City Council until April 2010 when the Council threatened to shut the centre in order to save costs. However, local residents successfully campaigned to save the centre from closure and management was transferred to a management committee of local residents working with and supported by staff and committee from Cadder Housing Association. CLS carried out a door to door consultation, surveyed at the gala day, elderly forum events, etc and secured 200 completed surveys. Results from this survey began to feed into an option analysis which indicated that retaining and improving both buildings was not the best option from a range of perspectives. CLS are now using results of the business plan to complete a variety of funding bids for the improvement of the community centre and the demolition and rebuilding on the sports hall site.